I've also contributed some code at these cool companies.

  • I not only enjoy coding but Im really passionate about designing cool User Interfaces for the projects I will be building.

    Recent Projects

    Over the years I have acquired a great affinity for modern architectures, challenging and interesting projects and if you so happen to have one, feel free to reach out.


    An app which I developed for people who are speech impaired to help ease communication.


    Whilst working at Nettleton I built an inhouse communication platform for employees to use.


    Lead a team of frontend and backend Developers to build a fintech app for a Nigerian Start-up.


    A personal project I built during the covid times for people to share some confessions for fun.


    A file sharing platforms that encrypts files with strong passwords when sharing them.

    Covenant School Dashboard

    Built a school dashboard for school admin to easily track students perfomance and payments.