George Chakama

As someone who takes responsibility for his own personal development, I'm continually evaluating and upgrading my skills so that I stay at the cutting edge of Web development and Digital skills. I am a natural problem solver, who has proven himself by successfully completing projects for IT consultancies, web design agencies, and IT departments.

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What Motivates me

Sometimes I blame my name because I am a curious person. I really love to understand how certain tools are built and I also try to rebuild them using my own understanding. This is what really drives me to keep becoming a better developer because I am always practicing what I learn.

My Future

I really don‘t see myself growing old and still sitting behind the screen to code. I really love coding but I look forward to retiring at an early age so that I can spend my time venturing into agriculture and travelling the world with my family and siblings.

George Chakama is a Full-Stack Developer with years of experience working with JavaScript. He builds tools that help improve the communities around him. Currently, he is the Lead Developer for HearMe where he works to enhance how people with speech impairments can interact with other communities. In 2021 George won an award for Tech Innovator of the year after his breakthrough with HearMe and his work in empowering the Mute/Deaf community.

In 2019 He started a Blog that helps developers tackle some challenges they face in the industry. George has given presentations at multiple Developer gatherings. In the year 2021 one of his articles got the attention of Scrimba and it was featured on one of their twitter spaces. He has also given presentations on Contributing to Open Source and Tackling React-JS bugs.

George spends most of his time volunteering at NGOs managing their online presence and raising awareness as an Advocate for the disabled. During his free time, you can always catch him practicing his poetry or jogging with his 2 dogs.

Here are some tools I work with

TypeScript TypeScript TypeScriptNext.js TypeScriptTypeScriptTypeScriptTypeScript

I‘ve done some Presentations and Interviews around The World 🌍

I‘m super passionate to talk about tech and Mental Health, below are some of the works I‘ve done.